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Our Commitment to You

For nearly one hundred years, we have been devoted to big-picture best practices. From sustainable, responsible sourcing to 24/7 handling, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest seafood, while taking care of the environment too. We call this holistic dedication.

: At Chef's Fresh Fish/Seattle Fish Company, we understand that the success of our business depends upon the health of the environment. So, although we are longtime supporters of sustainable fishing principles, we are now working to become leaders in sustainable business practices, too. With the formation of the Green Team, we have opened a powerful new forum for innovative ideas and initiatives—both within our enterprise and around the world.

: Chef's Fresh Fish is proud to be the only seafood wholesaler in Colorado with certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an eco-labeling organization designed to ensure that seafood is traced back to a sustainable fishery. Our affiliation with industry thought leaders, such as MSC, has led to smart shifts in purchasing, including becoming experts on the specific fisheries and the formation of partnerships intended to provide customers with more sustainable options.

It's customers like you who help make all of our efforts possible and worth our while. Thank you.