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Fish and Oyster of the Month Clubs
Can you ship to different addresses each month?
  Yes, we can change the shipping addresses each month if you would like. Just please remind us when you schedule your next shipment.  As long as it is within our shipping area, we can deliver it!
Do I get to pick which fish or oyster variety I receive each month?
  At Seattle Fish Co. we receive large varieties of fish and shellfish on our dock everyday.  We will ship you the freshest fish and oysters we have available that day.  If you have preferences we can try to accommodate them.  Please let us know if you have any allergies.
Giving as a Gift? Details....
  Our oyster and fish of the month clubs make great gifts! Just enter their name and address into the shipping information when you check out.  You can also include their email and contact information in the notes section when you place the order.  Any special requests can be added to this note section as well.  We will not ship a club order until we make contact with either the buyer or recipient to schedule a shipment.  We can reach out to them directly to schedule their first delivery.
How long will the delivery be ok on my front stoop?
  We will pack your seafood in a styrofoam cooler with gel packs to ensure the product stays cool and at a safe temperature.  We have tested our packing to last well over 24 hours even in the heat of the summer. If you work all day and will not be home until that evening, the package will be fine.  With that said, please unpack your seafood and place it in your refrigerator or freezer as soon as you get home.
What if I want to skip a month?
  If you are out of town or what to skip a month, that is fine. We will just pick up again once you return and want to resume your shipments.
When do the Fish and Oyster Club orders ship?
  Our customer service team will reach out to you to schedule your fish or oyster of the month club deliveries. We ship all clubs on Wednesdays for Thursday delivery.